Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Student Bodies

Student Bodies (1981)

Written and Directed by: Mickey Rose
Starring: Kristen Riter, Matt Goldsby, Richard Brando, Joe Talarowski, Mimi Weddell, Joe Flood, Carl Jacobs, Peggy Cooper, Janice E. O'Malley, Kevin Mnnis, Sara Eckhardt, Brian Batytis, Cullen G. Chambers, Joan Browning Jacobs, Angela Bressler, The Stick

Again, I didn't watch this from the beginning, though this movie seemed pretty self-explanatory.

It's a comedy (more of a spoof, really, on the slasher flicks of the late '70s-early '80s) in the same style as, say Attack of the Killer Tomatoes (this was a hell of a lot better than Killer Tomatoes, but it's the same idea), only instead of being about giant man-eating tomatoes, this is about a psycho killer who murders teenagers who have sex, using silly murder weapons like paper clips and eggplants. It's actually kind of along the same lines as the first Scary Movie, but less obscene and with lower production values.

Also, it was funnier than Scary Movie. A lot of the jokes got pretty tiresome after a while, but it seemed amusing enough. Particularly the little hints everywhere, arrows pointing clues out for you, and a handy dandy body count. Heh heh heh. They do all the work for me.

It gets a little... weird at the end, and turns into The Wizard of Oz or something. The whole thing turns out to be just a crazy dream, but not really.

So. The Stick, huh? That guy was pretty... gross looking. I know it's kind of mean to say that about somebody, but he was... gross. I'm sorry.

Hardly any of the people in this movie were ever in anything else, and if they were, this was their first movie. Small, small budget. Surprisingly enough, they weren't all that bad. I mean, I've seen worse.

Yeah... um... I'm sort of running out of stuff to say about the movie... um... yep, spoofs the slasher movie pretty well... uh... yeah... and then...

Dear God. So the killer was pretty lame, hey? Couldn't climb those stairs. Sometimes I wonder where the guys in other movies get all that energy. Like in I Know What You Did Last Summer, say (which I haven't actually seen all the way through, but I've watched bits of it on television). The girl's running, the killer's walking, but he's gaining on her. WTF. Maybe Sarah Michelle Gellar's just really slow.


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