Sunday, April 29, 2007

House of Dracula

House of Dracula (1945)

Directed by: Erle C. Kenton
Written by: Edward T. Lowe Jr.
Starring: Onslow Stevens, Lon Chaney Jr., Martha O'Driscoll, Jane Adams, John Carradine, Lionel Atwill, Ludwig Stossel, Glenn Strange, Skelton Knaggs

Fifth film in Universal's Dracula series, fourth for The Wolf Man, seventh for Frankenstein, and sequel to House of Frankenstein (which I haven't seen).

Both Dracula and Larry Talbot seek out this doctor who they believe can cure them of their respective maladies (although Dracula seems to quite enjoy being a vampire). The doctor is also planning to rid one of his pretty assistants of her lovely lady hump. They find Frankenstein's Monster buried in a cave later on. The doctor manages to cure the Wolf Man before being turned into a vampire by The Count (who is in love with the guy's other beautiful assistant) and going completely insane. An angry mob also shows up partway through the movie, too.

I must say that Junior actually looks good in this movie when compared to his atrocious performance in Son of Dracula. He plays the werewolf surprisingly well.

The acting in general is relatively good. The art direction isn't particularly inspired when compared to some of the earlier entries in all three series (especially the Frankenstein pictures), but there is a castle and a room full of machines that go buzz. It also feature the little village from the Frankenstein movies, the name of which I am unable to determine. I can't tell whether they're saying "Vasaria" or "This Area".

Regardless of all the weird little flaws and inadequacies, I can still say it's better than Van Helsing. I admire Steve for making that movie, but... well, it's a piece of shite. They might as well have just made this movie, I mean, really.

Anyway, I kind of liked Jane Adams for some reason. And Skelton Knaggs, who basically plays the Dwight Frye character in this movie.

Like a lot of these movies, they use stock footage from other films in the series, specifically Bride of Frankenstein. The last few shots are taken from Ghost, too, actually. Poor Monster, woken up just to be burned alive AGAIN.


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