Sunday, August 12, 2007

Friday the 13th 2

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Directed by:
Steve Miner
Written by: Ron Kurz
Starring: Amy Steel, John Furey, Kirsten Baker, Stu Charno, Steve Dash, Warrington Gillette (cool name, huh?), Marta Kober, Tom McBride, Bill Randolph, Lauren Marie Taylor, Russell Todd, Walt Gorney, Adrienne King, Betsy Palmer

This is the one where Jason shows up. Okay, he was in the first one briefly, but he didn't really get his freak on until now.

Now... what the hell happened in this movie? I think a bunch of teenagers go out to Crystal Lake to train to be camp counselors or something. Or maybe it's some kind of sex camp? I don't know. Anyway, there's a whole bunch of topless women and they get killed off by Jason who is pissed off that his mom got decapitated in the first movie.

This movie rips off Texas Chainsaw Massacre (they even have a chainsaw!), Jaws, as well as the perpetual Psycho thievery. I'm not sure if that sentence made sense grammatically, but who frigging cares.

So yeah, Jason is actually in this one, albeit without the hockey mask. I was kind of disappointed, actually. I was hoping to see him in the hockey mask, but instead he just has like, a bag over his head or something. They take it off at the end of the movie and he turns out to be some sort of freaky Hills Have Eyes baby. Why? Because he drowned. That doesn't make sense to me, either.

But man is he dumb. There's a scene where he's coming after this girl with an axe, and how does she stop him? She puts on his mother's sweater and he gets totally confused. It was kind of cute, actually. Poor guy just misses his mom. Of course, he then notices his mother's severed head is still there (oh, yeah, yeah, he's got this shrine to his dead momma, complete with her head and everything). I'm not quite sure who's dumber - him or Michael Myers. I mean, Michael Myers doesn't get confused that easily, but there's that whole gun thing in part 4 which really got me (what do you do when you have a shotgun pointed at the person you want to kill? Stab? No, that isn't right). They're both robots, the question doesn't really apply.

Anyway, this was vaguely more interesting than the first one, but it still looked like crap. The only reason to watch this movie would be if you were disappointed by the total lack of Jason in the first one.

Most Interesting Death: The girl from part one gets an icepick in the head. Pretty lame.


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