Monday, September 3, 2007

Halloween 8

Halloween: Resurrection (2002)

Directed by: Rick Rosenthal
Written by: Larry Brand & Sean Hood
Starring: Bianca Kajlich, Ryan Merriman, Busta Rhymes (w00t!), Sean Patrick Thomas, Brad Loree, Katee Sackhoff, Luke Kirby, Daisy McCrackin, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Tyra Banks, Jamie Lee Curtis

Okay, this is the last one. I'm probably going to see the remake on Wednesday, weather permitting. Um... this is the sixth (part 3 doesn't count) and final sequel to the original Halloween. I actually feel like I've accomplished something in watching all the sequels. People will ask me what I did this summer (people always ask me that for some reason) and I can hold my head high and tell them I watched all the Halloween movies. And they'll probably think I'm fucking retarded, but chances are they thought that to begin with, so there's no harm done.

In this movie, it turns out that Michael Myers was not, in fact, decapitated at the end of H20. He stuck his mask on another guy and fooled Laurie Strode, and now he's back for her. And he finally beats her, stabbing her in the back and throwing her off the roof of the asylum where she is kept.

It's somewhat satisfying seeing Michael get his ultimate revenge on his little sister. It gives me a weird feeling of closure...

Well, anyway, that takes about ten minutes (they probably shot Jamie Lee's scenes in one day) and the rest of the movie is something dumb about this live cam internet reality show in which a group of college students who have sex and do drugs are asked to search the Myers house (last inhabited by the Strodes in part 6, it would seem) for clues as to why Michael was such a fuck up.

It feels a lot like The Blair Witch Project what with the cameras strapped to the characters heads, however it keeps cutting back to the third person (like Blair Witch 2, which sucked). I can understand why they did it that way - I mean, it's hard to show ridiculously graphic murders when the camera is that jerky, which is what made Blair Witch interesting. It didn't show jack. It left everything to the imagination... woo.

In this, the first person, pseudo documentary format is just irritating, and the cutting back and forth between first and third person gives it a sort of uneven feel. It could have been really quite good had it stuck with one style.

The other bothersome element was the main characters e-boyfriend (or whatever you would call that) watching the reality show live on the website and texting her about the whereabouts of the killer. It removes any feeling of suspense. And I mean, she knows where the killer is, so what the fuck's her problem? Michael's strength is in his silent creeping - he comes up behind you when you least expect it.

The best death in this (apart from Jamie Lee's, which wasn't creative in any way, just immensely satisfying) was the guy getting impaled by the tri-pod. Yep, that was cool.

Anyway, this movie (directed by the same bloke what did part 2, also a piece o' crap) is dumb, and I'm going to disregard all of it save maybe the Jamie Lee part. I'll pretend that he kills her and then goes off and lives out the rest of his life in peace or something... (he's got the same problem as like, the Terminator. What the hell does he do when he's done?)


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