Thursday, October 11, 2007


Weirdsville (2007)

Directed by: Alan Moyle
Written by: Willem Wennekers
Starring: Wes Bentley, Scott Speedman, Taryn Manning, Greg Bryk, Maggie Castle, Jordan Prentice, Raoul Bhaneja, Matt Frewer, Joe Dinicol

So, went to the premiere of this last night, tickets courtesy of The Coast, best newspaper for music, movies and news in Halifax. And even better, it's free (if I keep plugging them, do you think they'll give me a job? Probably not).

Movie's about the adventures of two lazy heroin addicts who have to rob a millionaire hippie in order to pay off their curling enthusiast dealer. Meanwhile, a Satanic cult needs their girlfriend's blood in order to revive said hippie, who had a giant icicle stuck in his head.

Right? Right. The movie has a sort of art school project feel to it - self-consciously weird, you know? I sort of assumed that this was Alan Moyle's first movie, but I guess he's been around since the seventies.

Anyway, I liked it pretty good. It was very funny in spots, and silly enough. Still, apart from the two main guys, most of the characters weren't particularly deep - this isn't helped by the poor casting choices on some counts. The guy who played the lead Satanist really bugged me. He just... didn't look right. I dunno. And the scary people weren't particularly scary. I blame the Canadian factor for this (oh yeah, did I mention that this movie was Canadian? Cool huh? It was pretty good for a Canadian movie. In English, anyway). I mean, who is the scariest Canadian you can think of? I rest my case.

It's also a little bit too much (I guess that's what I mean by 'self-consciously weird'. Like, hey lets put in some medieval reenactors, but let's make them dwarves. What the? I'm also wondering where this is supposed to be set. It looks like a pretty small little town in Ontario somewhere, but it has a Satanic cult, a medieval battle reenactment society and a smack dealer).

Still, the two main characters were very appealing. They were cute, and believable. And Scott Speedman didn't bug me at all. I kind of liked him. I found him a little bit irritating in the Underworld movies, but he's not so bad...

And it's always kind of nice to see a movie set in Canada with Canadian references. "Double doubles on me" is a line that really tickled me. Go figure.

And hey, I won a couple of beer mugs, so I got that going for me.


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