Saturday, March 22, 2008

Taste the Blood of Dracula

Taste the Blood of Dracula (1970)

Directed by:
Peter Sasdy
Written by: John Elder
Starring: Anthony Corlan, Christopher Lee, Linda Hayden, Geoffrey Keen, Peter Sallis, John Carson, Isla Blair, Gwen Watford, Martin Jarvis, Ralph Bates, Michael Ripper

Go on, taste it. You know you want to. Fourth film in Hammer's Dracula series, which is remarkably refreshing after watching all those frigging Jason movies. Jesus Christ.

Well anyway, this one's about a bunch of guys who revive the Count for lack of anything better to do, which turns out to be kind of a bad idea.

Christopher Lee doesn't even really show up until thirty minutes into the movies and he doesn't do all that much (okay, he's pretty creepy and he gets to drool on a couple of busty maidens which is always fun, but he's barely in it), however, it's hard to go wrong with him as Dracula.

That was sort of what was wrong with Kiss of the Vampire or whatever that movie was. That one with the guy who kinda looked like Lee. Also, it was kind of... well, I kept thinking of The Fearless Vampire Killers and was having a hard time taking it seriously. Particularly that part with all the bats. I loved that part.

Yeah, Christopher Lee... best Dracula ever (I'm already arguing with myself in my head over that, so don't bother. Actually, go for it. Who is the best Dracula ever? Bela Lugosi? Gary Oldman? Patrick Bergin? (I'm curious to know if anyone actually thinks that.) I care what you think).

So Geoffrey Keen is, like, M (M from James Bond, not M from M. That was Peter Lorre). That tickles me, for some reason. M got pwned by Dracula (I have got to stop writing 'pwned'. Not that it lowers my intelligence any). Bond vs. Dracula. Now that would be a fucking stupid movie. It should never ever get made.

Well, whatever. Not too bad (like I said, better than Friday the 13th. Not that that's really saying much of anything. Man). Some spookiness going down there, and nicely echoes some classic stuff (a couple of scenes in carriages, the staking of Lucy, Hargood, et cetera. Yay).


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