Sunday, May 11, 2008

Water Horse

Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007)

Directed by:
Jay Russell
Written by:
Robert Nelson Jacobs, based on The Water Horse by Dick King Smith
Starring: Alex Etel, Emily Watson, Ben Chaplin, Priyanka Xi, David Morrissey, Brian Cox

Ordinarily, I don't go for 'family films', but the Scottish factor tempted me with this one. I did watch The Last King of Scotland the night before and that was still freaking me out, but I thought something with Legend of the Deep in the title was probably pretty safe. Unless it's Idi Amin: Legend of the Deep...

Anyway, enough about that. This movie is about a little boy who finds a mysterious egg on the shores of Loch Ness. He takes it home and it hatches into the monster itself. Meanwhile, there's some World War Two stuff going on to keep the boys interested. Something to do with submarines I guess.

The Creature was all CGI as far as I could tell, but for the most part the animation looked pretty good. The thing was kind of freaky lookin. They had to add all kinds of generic 'cute' noises to make it more appealing, cos really it was slimy and horrible. That really bugged me.

I sort of wondered why they had to bother. I mean, Alex Etel is pretty cute, they don't need to cute up the monster. It's a monster. Frig. Alex Etel's a pretty good actor, too. I thought he looked kind of familiar and just now remembered he was in Millions. Yeah. In British movies they can hire kids that are both adorable and good actors.

Moving on, this film wasn't especially amazing, but it was alright. It was sort of cute. Although, it was a little frenetic. Every ten minutes there was some huge crisis which has to be averted. It's like they think the kids can't pay attention to a film unless it's fifty percent action. Kids don't like dialogue or something.

I dunno, maybe they don't. I wouldn't know. I try to avoid children as much as possible. With a few exceptions. Some kids are just so cute that they melt even my cynical heart.

Well, whatever.


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