Sunday, May 25, 2008

Werewolf vs. Vampire Women

La Noche de Walpurgis (1971)

Directed by: León Klimovsky
Written by: Paul Naschy & Hans Munkel
Paul Naschy, Gaby Fuchs, Bárbara Capell, Andrés Resino, Yelena Samarina, José Marco, Paty Sheperd

Bought this movie at the dollarstore (on a disc with The Screaming Skull) probably because of the title. Come on, Werewolf vs. Vampire Women? It sounds fantastic.

About two young women traveling through France looking for the tomb of this vampire countess (who, much like Erzebet Bathory, bathed in the blood of virgins or some damn thing). Along the way, they run into this dude who turns out to be a werewolf with a soul, along the same lines as The Wolf Man.

Apparently this is one of many many many (like, eleven) werewolf movies featuring Paul Naschy, AKA Jacinto Molina, though I'm not entirely sure where this one fits in. It's like number three or something.

Who the fuck cares. This film contains all the requisites for a trashy old horror pic (cheesy monster make-up, laughable acting, pointless female nudity, lesbian vampires and, like, decapitation) - which makes it bad, but strangely entertaining.

It's cute. I always found something really adorable about werewolf movies. Perhaps it has something to do with the dude running around in werewolf make-up, doing werewolf stuff, but looking really just like Jack Nicholson on a bad day (which is maybe why Jack Nicholson makes a really good werewolf?). It's sweet.

Anyway, Jacinto Molina does the whiny werewolf thing well enough - I mean, he's about as good an actor as Lon Chaney Jr., but at least he's a bit better looking. Actually, he's Captain Sexy compared to Lon Chaney Jr.

And hey, there are Satan-worshiping Undead Vampire Babes. This movie should have been called Captain Werewolf vs. the Satan Worshiping Vampire Babes... that makes it sound even more like a porn movie than Werewolf versus Vampire Woman or whatever the hell this movie was called.

I don't think I would actually recommend this to people, on the grounds that they probably wouldn't take me seriously, but I did find it strangely entertaining. Go figure.


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