Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Boy and His Dog

A Boy and His Dog (1975)

Written and Directed by: L.Q. Jones, based on a novella by Harlan Ellison
Starring: Don Johnson, Tiger, voice of Tim McIntyre, Susanne Benton, Jason Robards, Alvy Moore

Weird science fiction film friends of mine always spoke very highly of and which I always wanted to see. w00t, my dreams are finally realized (I actually had dreams about this movie after watching it for some reason. Even my dreams are movies! Dear lord).

The first half of the film is a sort of semi-western-style sci fi bit about (as the title would imply) a young man and his telepathic dog scrapping for food, shelter, sex et cetera in a post World War Four wasteland (the film was apparently inspiration for the Mad Max movies).

The second half of the movie has the Boy following a girl down into a super creepy subterranean mock-up of a southern town where every day is the 4th of July and every man has gone sterile from living underground so long.

Like I said, the film is totally weird, but really fun to watch. It's quirky and slightly deranged, possibly a little silly but really well written.

And holy shit, that dog was awesome. Of course all dogs are awesome, but this one was particularly awesome (I say 'was' as I think he's probably dead, unless he's, like, forty. Tim McInnerny's probably still alive though).

So, wacky little SF pic for weird people. A nerdy friend of mine (who I assume isn't reading this - even if he is, he probably doesn't know it's me... hopefully) once explained to me the difference between Sf for normal people and Sf for weird people. This film is not for him.

And high on my list of favourite Post-Apocalyptic pics (oh, this list does exist, somewhere in the back of my mind).

Fingerwitch says "YES". ((I've decided to create my own ranking scale going from YES (I liked it) all the way down to NO (I didn't like it) so people won't actually have to read the reviews. Then maybe, slowly, I'll stop writing them all together. In fact, I'm going to reformat my whole style for your reading pleasure, as of the next post. Woo hoo!))


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