Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Gruesome Twosome

The Gruesome Twosome (1967)

Directed by: Herschell Gordon Lewis
Written by: Allison Louise Downe
Starring: Elizabeth Davis, Gretchen Wells, Chris Martell, Rodney Bedell, Karl Stoeber

More outrageous zaniness in a film about a crazy old lady running a wig shop. How does she make such realistic looking wigs? It all has to do with her mentally retarded son and an electric turkey carver (yeah, sure, the killer is a retarded guy. How politically incorrect is that? Fuck).

I don't know about any of that. First of all, the hair would be all full of blood and you'd have to clean it out. Second of all, buddy there wasn't doing a very good job scalping those chicks. It would be all clumpy and patchy. Not a very nice wig at all.

Oh well. Variant on the Psycho/Sweeney Todd themes is pretty much just a bunch of pointless and often bizarre filler, leaving you waiting around for more bad shit to happen to sexy ladies.

Oh my God, the sexy ladies. There is so much sexy lady stuff that doesn't even remotely contribute to the plot. Actually, about eighty five percent of this movie doesn't contribute to the plot. Actually, about eighty five percent of the movie does nothing to contribute to this movie. The movie could have been cut down to fifteen minutes or less without losing anything important.

And then there's the really long intro featuring two wigs talking to each other for about nine minutes. What the fuck.

And the weird dialogue which doesn't really make all that much sense. Wow. It was amazing. The movie was pretty amazing overall. It blew my mind in a so-bad-it's-almost-good sort of way.

Yeah, I dunno. It was unbelievably stupid (seriously. I kept thinking to myself 'I can't believe how stupid this is'), but it was strangely entertaining. Not nearly as entertaining as Blood Feast (or LEGS CUT OFF!!! as I like to call it), in fact, it was kind of boring, but so boring it was fun, if you follow. It was just weird. Like something from another planet.

Ahhh, so beautiful.


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