Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Witchfinder General

The Witchfinder General (1968)
AKA: The Conqueror Worm

Directed by: Michael Reeves
Written by: Michael Reeves and Tom Baker (Tom Baker, really?) based on the novel by Ronald Bassett
Starring: Vincent Price, Ian Ogilvy, Hilary Dwyer, Rupert Davies, Robert Russell, Nicky Henson

My computer's running unbelievably slowly today. Dunno why I mentioned that, just thought I'd bring it up. I was going to load some videos on here but now I'm thinking maybe I won't. I'm thinking maybe I should just turn it off and let it rest...

Well, movie set during the English civil war about a 'witchfinder' who tortures and executes mostly women suspected of witchcraft by their paranoid neighbours.

Vincent Price is super creepy in this one, of course playing the pervey, puritanical fuck-o, who was apparently a real guy (though I'm not sure how accurate this film is in terms of how he lived or whatever. It's not exactly a biopic of the dude). I thought he did a pretty good job, being considerably less goofy than usual.

The movie was pretty well done, with a few rather horrible scenes of bad shit happening to people. At no point does it go for the 'supernatural' angle, which is nice, although I did keep wondering when the worm was going to show up.

You know, like, it turns out that Mr. Price was actually being controlled by this brain worm from outer space or something... okay, I wasn't really expecting that to happen, but it would have been funny if it did.

(The birds just all stopped singing... that's really creepy. Sorry, that's just really distracting. There's just the spooky silence out there now. And the hum of my computer. Still my computer gently hums. Eh, whatever.)

Um. Yeah. Well. I guess other puritan assholes ended up causing trouble in and around Massachusetts later on there. It's a really good thing we're so much more advanced as a species and know better than to behave in such a way.


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