Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Perfect Creature

Perfect Creature (2006)

Ranking: Meh
Trashiness: Not Particularly Trashy

Really weird movie set in an alternate universe (which looked like every other alternate universe ever invented - sort of Victorian, with dirigibles) where there's this order of all male vampires called The Brotherhood. They live in peace with humanity and help them out with stuff. When one of the Brothers (Leo Gregory) gets infected with some weird virus and goes on a killing spree, his buddy (Dougray Scott) has to track him down with the help of a female police officer (Saffron Burrows).

Or something. I can't exactly explain what was going in this movie, you kind of have to watch it. It felt sort of like a standard vampire pic along the lines of Underworld or some such, but it was really strange. It actually held my attention only on account of it being kind of different. Sort of.

A lot of it was really nothing more than a mash of clich├ęs (the script was not particularly inspired - that whole bit at the end where buddy talks about the corruption of the Brotherhood or whatever bugged me - they didn't seem that bad. I guess Big Organization = Evil no matter what), but the idea was kind of interesting and the setting was just unusual enough to make it stand out. That and the fact it was from New Zealand. NZ seems like an interesting place. I'd love to go there.

The acting also was pretty good as I recall (at least, it wasn't bad - it was a couple weeks ago so I don't really remember everything) and there were a few interesting touches. The fangs on the baby for example.

Anyway, I'm not sure about this movie. It really was a good idea, but it wasn't great. Like I said, it did hold my attention longer than some things. Bloodrayne, for example. That's not really saying a lot. Bloodrayne was such a piece of shit.

Naw, I guess this was okay. Recommended for fans of vampire movies who are kind of bored with the regular crop of garbage from America, or people who really want something to watch.


Written and Directed by: Glenn Standring. Starring: Dougray Scott, Saffron Burrows, Leo Gregory, Scott Wills, Stuart Wilson

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