Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bride of Re-Animator

Bride of Re-Animator (1990)

Ranking: No
Holy Shit this movie is trashy

Wow. Sequel to Re-Animator which kind of killed the original for me, just a little bit as I am now going to filter it through this movie. Great. Ah well, these things happen.

I can't remember how exactly they got him in the last movie (I think he might have been eaten by a giant intestine or something), but the Re-Animator (Jeffrey Combs) is back, again I'm not sure how (they may have explained how he survived, but the sound was really bad on the copy I have and I may have missed something), and now he's making a lady out of dead bits. Along the way, he makes all kinds of impractical shit, like a leg attached to an arm (why?), and a dog with a human hand.

You kind of have to ask yourself, what good does that do anybody? I guess it just breaks up the day...

Anyway, I didn't really expect this movie to live up to the first one, but it was still sort of disappointing. I mean, it's only barely put together properly - a lot of the cuts don't really make sense and they seem to skip a lot of stuff. Like they didn't get enough shots and then just slapped together whatever they had regardless of whether it worked or not.

Also, the actors who had a sort of manic energy in the first now seem barely able to wade through the half-assed dialogue. And in one scene somebody is walking past the graveyard and the sign reads 'cemetary'. Fucking amateurs. Almost as bad as when, in one of the Halloween movies (I think it was H20) for some reason 'Yeats' is written down 'Yates'. I hate shit like that.

Moving on, this movie did have some gross out stuff, but generally it was sort of flat and lifeless and I spent a lot of time pondering the science of everything (that's never a good sign). Like, how exactly does the serum travel througout the body? That is a question which should never be asked. Dammit. This movie sucked.


Directed by: Brian Yuzna. Written by: Brian Yuzna, Rick Fry & Woody Keith. Starring: Jeffrey Combs, Bruce Abbott, Fabiana Udenio, Claude Earl Jones (wtf?), David Gale, Mel Stewart, Kathleen Kinmont.

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