Saturday, March 28, 2009

Count Yorga, Vampire

Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)
AKA The Loves of Count Iorga


I always thought that this movie is called Count Yorba but I'm probably getting it confused with 'Hotel Yorba'. These things happened.

The titular count (Robert Quarry) moves from Bulgaria (I think) to Los Angeles and begins secuding attractive young women. The fiance of one of the young women must team up with the Van Helsing character (Roger Perry) to kick Count Yorba's ass all the way back to Europe. Or whatever.

This was a decent, if somewhat generic, adaptation of the Dracula story. It was mildly entertaining and had enough cliches to keep me occupied. Robert Quarry was alright. He was sort of good looking, with a bit of a Christopher Lee thing going on which is always good, although he didn't have an especially nice voice.

And there were plenty of hot chicks, so, you know, that's great. Also, the really weird looking henchman who shuffles around and then seems to disappear for great lengths of time when he is not necessary to the plot, only returning to attack and rape (?) the Count's special lady. What an asshole.

Anyway, there wasn't anything particularly special about this movie. It had a few nice shots and I actually paid attention to it (unlike Scream Blacula Scream, which was directed by the same dude). But generally it didn't stand out a whole lot. I mean, if you're going to watch a movie about an old timey vampire who gets brought to L.A. in the '70s, you might as well go for Blacula.

Blacula is just so funny and outrageous. Also, William Marshall is better looking than Robert Quarry and he has a way nicer voice. It's sort of done better too. Clearly, it are the best.

This movie was alright though and if you're really into vampire flicks it's worth watching. Also, one of the characters drives a red VW Microbus which is amusing in and of itself. Everytime I saw it I had to say, "so we loaded our shovels and rakes and other implements of destruction into the back of the red VW Microbus and went to drop off the garbage"

Yeah, that was sort of the best part of the movie, actually...


Written and Directed by: Bob Kelljan. Starring: Robert Quarry, Roger Perry, Michael Macready, Michael Murphy, Donna Anders, Judith Lang, Edward Walsh.

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