Sunday, April 12, 2009

She Demons

She Demons (1958)

[Not Really]
Beyond Trashy

Big dumb man, obnoxious blonde woman and cool Asian friend (Tod Griffin, Irish McCalla and Victor Sen Yung, respectively) wash up on an uncharted island inhabited by a mad scientist and his scarred wife (Rudolph Anders and Leni Tana, respectively) who are turning beautiful young women into monsters using radiation and lava or something.

And holy shit was this movie retarded. It managed to blend elements of a desert island, romance, mutant mud faced monsters, hot babes, SM stuff, slavery, abduction, weird science, nuclear testing, mad science, disfigured wives (the wife in this looked a lot like the girl in Eyes Without a Face), and Nazis and still come up with nothing.

I didn't think such a thing was possible. I mean, I just assumed that if you threw that much shit into a movie you would have to come up with something worth watching. Anything else would defy the laws of filmmaking somehow. This was basically just an episode of Gilligan's Island on meth, really. Or Lost with all the interesting bits removed.

I don't know, this movie totally blew me away and yet failed to keep my interest. There were one or two bits which got my attention - I mean, it was really totally pervey. Everybody slobbering over Irish McCalla there. It was disgusting, but sort of funny to watch.

The other thing which really disturbed me was that a lot of those Nazi guys didn't look that old. Like maybe twenty five. Which would have made them, what, twelve when WW2 ended? Um... where the fuck did they come from? That's just weird.

Anyway, Irish McCalla was really scary looking and really obnoxious which made me wonder why the guys wanted to save her at all. In fact, the only person who was any good in the movie was Rudolph Anders and he was fucking creepy.

Yeah, this movie is probably only worth watching if you really have nothing better to do.


Directed by: Richard E. Cunha. Written by: Richard E. Cunha and H.E. Barrie. Starring: Irish McCalla, Tod Griffin, Victor Sen Yung, Rudolph Anders, Gene Roth, Leni Tana.

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