Friday, May 8, 2009

Attack of the Giant Leeches

Attack of the Giant Leeches (1959)

Extremely Trashy

This concludes the DVD of 'horror classics' Mr. Blue got from the library, the best of which I guess was Bride of the Gorilla although that's not really saying too much. This one I think I have a copy of somewhere and was the only one I'd ever heard of.

The plot is fairly straightforward: There are giant leeches. They attack. That's basically it. The film is one of many produced by Roger Corman back in the day (yay!) and feels like an uber low-budget Creature from the Black Lagoon knock off.

This movie isn't terrible. As far as crappy B-monster movies go, it's... somewhat subpar. I've seen better (ex: The Blob, et cetera), I've seen worse (ex: The Sound of Horror. God).

It just wasn't really that exciting. It just went along and didn't do anything particularly interesting. It wasn't even that bad. It was just... there. Or something. On top of that, the picture and sound quality of the copy I watched were both really bad. It was sort of hard to watch actually. I couldn't really hear anything anybody was saying, and I wasn't really watching so I think I missed a lot.

The one redeeming feature it had was the cool monsters. Of course, they are explained by nuclear testing (coz, you know, that's what happens when leeches become radioactive) but they were pretty cool looking. Okay, okay, they kind of looked like guys swimming around in garbage bags, but that was okay.

They did make this really weird noise whenever they were on camera - I wasn't aware that leeches made noise, although I guess maybe they're ordinarily just too small for us to hear them - which was sort of amusing. But yeah, they were neat.

That's kind of all you can do in a movie like this. Make the monster look cool. Otherwise the movie really wouldn't be worth watching at all.

Nothing else to say about this one. I'm feeling pretty apathetic towards it so there you go.


Directed by:
Bernard L. Kowalski. Written by: Leo Gordon. Starring: Ken Clark, Jan Sheperd, Tyler McVey, Michael Emmet, Bruno VeSota, Yvette Vickers.

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