Saturday, July 11, 2009

Brotherhood of Satan

Brotherhood of Satan (1971)

Moderately Trashy

Alright, after many moons of inactivity, I am now going to flood el blog with posts. Haha, I am so evil.

Anyway, this movie is about... um... this couple (I have no idea who played them) who come to this town and then something weird happens, like their kid gets kidnapped or something and somehow it's all involved with this satanic cult. Or whatever.

Honest to God, I'm not one hundred percent sure what went on in this movie. I watched the first twenty minutes or so one night, then decided not to watch it and went to bed, starting again from the beginning the next night because I really hadn't been paying attention. And I didn't pay attention the second time around so I don't really know what it's about.

It wasn't a terribly interesting movie, I'm afraid. I'm pretty sure I was playing games online while I was supposedly watching it, so that doesn't really bode well (of course, that's been happening a lot. I've been having a lot of trouble actually watching movies now. I can't sit still for that long).

The ending was sort of interesting - I gathered that the children were being kidnapped and snatched so that the cult of witches could enter their bodies or something like that, which is a neat idea (like in that one, The Skeleton Key (wow, double spoiler). That movie was pretty cool), however, the bits leading up to that were really totally boring. Although maybe that wasn't what happened, maybe that was just what I thought was happening.

It was a really boring way to tell a mildly interesting story. And really only vaguely coherant. I seem to remember a bunch of bizarre dream scenes. Those were really the only parts to which I was paying attention.

Yeah, not a very good movie. Not awful, just not interesting.


Directed by: Bernard McEveety. Written by: L.Q. Jones & William Welch. Starring: Strother Martin, L.Q. Jones, Charles Bateman, Ahna Capri.

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