Sunday, August 2, 2009

The 100

So here we go. Some time last summer, in a state of some delirium, I started concocting a list of what I thought were my one hundred favourite horror flicks ever. Drafts have come and gone, movies have been scrapped, my brain has been fried. But now it's almost sort of ready. Ready or not, I'm going to start the big count down tomorrow (why tomorrow? you ask. All part of my nefarious plan).

Now, I used the loosest definition of 'horror' possible, allowing for a great deal of thrillers, horror-comedies, horror-action movies and generally non-horror movies. But whatever. I don't give a shit.

The list is deceitful in and of itself. For one thing, there are only ninety movies. I could only manage to write reviews for ninety of them (actually, I've only written about eighty so far, still have a few left. Gotta get on that). Also, I omitted a shitload of classics. So, you know... it's not complete.

My horror-experience is still a work in progress so this list is nowhere near finished (nor will it be. I will take it to my grave incomplete. I have come to accept that), both because I haven't seen every horror flick out there and because my tastes tend to change from day to day.

But the thing to remember are that the movies I will be reviewing for the next ninety days are not necessarily the greatest horror films ever made, merely my favourites. The ones that brought me the most joy, or the most repulsion, or something. They inspired something in me at some point. Or I just threw them in there for humour's sake...

So aaaaaaaanyway. Here we go. Fun times will abound.


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