Thursday, August 13, 2009

#80 - Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers (2001)
Moderately Trashy

Written and Directed by: Victor Salva.

Plot: A brother and sister (Justin Long and Gina Philips, respectively) on the clich├ęd road trip to or from school, I can’t remember which, see a guy shoving a body into a pipe. After that, they become involved with a crazy ass monster who harvests peoples organs.

Review: “What the fuck is this doing on here?” you may well ask. I know that this is by no means a great movie, however: crazy ass monster harvesting people’s fucking organs. Fuckin a! Otherwise, this movie is basically The Hitcher only instead of Sean Bean/Rutger Hauer, there’s Freddy Kruger with wings.

Actually, it's way better than that description suggests.

The only other thing which makes the movie stand out is that the two main actors are actually good. Sure, the actors in other movies are probably passable, but Gina Philips and Justin Long (whom you may remember from those Mac commercials. You know, those ones that started out being kind of cute and funny but became really obnoxious after you’d seen them six million times. “Okay, I get it, you’re going to degrade the poor PC guy in some really clever way. This just makes you look like an asshole.” And it makes me wonder, if Macs are so much more amazing, why do they have to advertise so much more? It’s sort of like God vs. Satan. If God was really that great, why the hell do jackasses have to go around telling me about it all the time) are better. They have a believable brother-sister relationship and, because they’re playing relatives, the movie doesn’t get bogged down with lots of irrelevant sex and nudity, nor do you have to worry about whether or not the characters are going to get together and all that crap. Not that I really worry about it all that much. I usually know what’s going to happen in these movies, although actually this one sort of caught me by surprise.

So no, this movie isn’t actually as good as it should have been. The first twenty minutes are way better than the following hour or so, but it was still cool and entertaining and pokes some fun at the genre. For example, they run over the Creeper about eight times to make sure it’s dead because you should never just drive away. They did this in one of the Friday the 13th flicks, too. I think it was Jason Goes to Hell but I don’t really remember. They all sort of run together. Anyway, I saw it here first...

And I will repeat, people get their organs harvested and it’s always cool when that happens. Except in real life I guess it's not so great...

Favourite Part: When Gina Philips and Justin Long go down into that cave that’s, like, full of bodies. There are bodies all over the friggin place, the walls and ceiling are completely covered with bodies. It’s really bizarre and alarming but pretty cool.

Other versions: None.

Seqeuls: They made a suck ass sequel in which the Creeper goes after a bunch of obnoxious football players and cheerleaders. The film goes from one-on-one stalker movie, to just another slasher movie, and the monster itself becomes way more like Freddy. Really not worth watching at all.

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