Tuesday, September 22, 2009

#41 - Slither

Slither (2006)
Extremely Trashy

Written and Directed by: James Gunn.

Plot: Alien parasites which turn their hosts into disgusting, slimy, flesh-eating, zombie monsters invade a small town. It’s up to the head of local law enforcement (Nathan Fillion) to kick some ass and restore everything to its rightful order.

Review: I was actually scared to see this movie, the trailer looked so gross. I remember thinking that I wasn’t ready, and didn’t go see it in theatre. I hate myself in retrospect. This movie is fucking amazing.

First of all, it just piles on the goo and really is one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. From a grotesquely swollen woman exploding in a sea of parasitic worms, to the part in which the zombie-creatures decide to meld into one big mass of disgusting flesh, the film is absolutely sickening from start to finish.

Second, it’s a loving homage, nay, a revolting melange of practically every neo-monster movie ever. The Thing, Evil Dead, Tremors and all sorts of other good stuff is referenced in this movie, making me feel all warm and wiggly inside.

Third, it’s hilarious, being an extremely successful combination of horror and comedy, as well as ridiculously fun to watch. Just thinking about it makes me smile… and want to puke simultaneously! Yes! Ye-e-e-e-es!!!

Fourth, Nathan Fillion is really cool. I haven’t even seen Firefly (who wants to send me the link to stream it? Anyone?), the only other thing I’ve ever seen him in was Buffy and he played the really gross creepy guy (you know, the stabby priest in season… seven? Yeah, yeah, season seven, coz he was like the assistant to the First or something and I’m pretty sure he killed at least one of the Potentials. Although I was never quite sure why the First needed him, having the Bringers and all… oh, wait, he was like in charge of them wasn‘t he… um… yeah…), but he really is immensely charming and likeable in this movie.

All in all a totally kick ass movie, although it is of this new generation of horror film which is really best appreciated by horror nuts (not to sound snooty, it’s still good). You know what I mean. It seems that every American horror flick that gets made these days was spawned by someone who spent all their time watching horror movies in the seventies and eighties. This is interesting to me, however, disconcerting. I know it’s just a certain subgenre which follows this trend and there are more… intellectual (?), certainly less self-referential, flicks being made it just seems that mostly things are going the other way.

Ah well. Being as I am a horror nut, this does not bother me. I’m just in it for the gore, man. And if there are a few laughs in there, hey, all the better.

Favourite Part:
I thought the writing was really good actually. There are plenty of amusing quotables in there, some of my favourites being "What kinda thing wants you to eat it?", "Starlaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" and "Something's wrong with me" (yeah, no fuckin shit). Also, one of the characters names is Grant Grant. I lul'd (fuck, I can't believe I just typed that. Somebody fucking git over here and shoot my damn ass).

Other versions: None.

Sequels: None, surprisingly…

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