Tuesday, September 8, 2009

#54 - The Hunger

The Hunger (1983)
Moderately Trashy

Directed by: Tony Scott. Written by: James Costigan, Ivan Davis and Michael Thomas based on the novel by Whitley Strieber.

Plot: An ancient vampire (Catherine Deneuve) has the problem that all the people she turns eventually start to wither away into practically nothing. This has started to happen with her current lover (David Bowie) who seeks help from a renowned blood doctor (Susan Sarandon). She can’t help him, and when he finally reaches his expiry date, she gets involved with Catherine Deneuve.

Review: Granted, this movie is little more than an extra long music video, and isn't really great, but fuck is it nice to look at. It’s like, really good art direction for two hours straight. I love it.

And it’s got a little more substance than a music video, more plot and character development, but those take a lower priority than the music and kick-ass visuals. Which is awesome. I don’t really give a shit if scenes don’t progress logically, just as long as the movie looks good and has good music.

Not that the scenes in this movie don’t progress logically, but the movie does possess a weird dreamlike quality (partially due to the soft-focus lens used about seventy percent of the time), so even though the scenes do progress logically, it feels like they don’t. And sometimes they still don’t.

It’s all good anyway. Sigh. This is another movie I tried to review over two days. Doesn’t work so well. I get confused in the middle and forget where I'm going. This is also a movie I really didn't feel like reviewing for whatever reason and would have cut out were it not for the fact that I'd already removed so many flicks. Ah well.

Um, yeah, well, Catherine Deneuve is always a good thing, and there’s some action between her and Susan Sarandon to keep the other fifty one percent of the population interested. And there’s also David Bowie. I like David Bowie. I don't think he sings in this movie, though I do remember him playing the cello. I doubt that David Bowie actually plays the cello. Man, I love the cello.

Favourite Part: Cello-piano action between David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. There’s a piece of music, according to the internet it is “Trio in E-flat, op. 100” by Schubert, which is particularly memorable. I dunno, I really like it. It’s nice. And as we all know, cello is by far the sexiest instrument ever invented. Not only does it look really sexy, it also sounds sexy. I have a couple of cello-playing friends whom I have always envied… I tell myself that some day I will take it up. And piano (another instrument I don’t play) is the second sexiest instrument in the world, but usually only jazz piano. I can vaguely play the piano. Can't read music, but, you know, I hit the keys and it makes sounds. I want to marry a pianist.

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Sequels: None.

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