Wednesday, September 2, 2009

#61 - Innocent Blood

Innocent Blood (1992)
Moderately Trashy

Directed by: John Landis. Written by: Michael Wolk.

Plot: About a vampire (Anne Parillaud) who accidentally turns an evil mob boss (Robert Loggia). Hilarity ensues when she and her boyfriend (Anthony LaPaglia) attempt to stop him from terrorizing Pittsburgh.

Review: This is a pretty good vampire movie and one of the few decent horror flicks made in the nineties (this was the decade that brought us such films as Nightbreed, Dr. Giggles, The Tommyknockers, Species, Devil’s Advocate, Deep Rising, Virus, John Carpenter’s Vampires… the list goes on and on and on and I honestly don‘t care if you thought any of these movies were totally awesome, or that the nineties was the high point in horror cinema, or in fact the high point in anything except grunge music and plaid. You're wrong).

It actually has a sense of fun as opposed to, say, Interview with the Vampire (another shitty movie from the nineties), which was made not too long afterwards. I mean, it’s quite obviously American Werewolf for vampires, but that’s alright. It’s funny and entertaining.

The story could have been really depressive and melodramatic - sexy vampire turns mob boss and must face him in climactic battle - but it avoids that. Don’t get me wrong, I am really into vampire movies and shit, but… most of them are depressive and melodramatic so it's always kind of thrilling when you come across one which isn't.

This movie lovingly mocks such films. And it’s also kind of sexy (which is totally a must - unsexy vampire flicks are probably the most depressing thing ever. Ex: Nosferatu), so, like, that’s good.

Anyway, I saw this one around the same time as The Hunger (which is one of those serious, sexy vampire flicks and arguably a better movie) and get the two confused in my brain a lot of the time which is actually kind of weird seeing as, apart from the fact that they both are about vampires, they aren‘t really that similar. Now that I think about it though maybe it‘s because both films star a French lady. But I always have to remind myself that David Bowie isn’t in this (and Bill Pullman, for some reason. I was convinced that Bill Pullman was the guy in this movie when I went to look up the info for this review and was kind of disappointed when I found it was not. I really like Bill Pullman).

This movie is definitely more fun than The Hunger but for some reason that movie stuck with me more so I’m going to have to rank it higher.

Favourite Part: When Robert Loggia wakes up in the morgue after being turned into a vampire, freaks the hell out of the coroner (amusing Frank Oz cameo), and runs off with a little thermometer (or something...) stuck in his side. He gets chased around the hospital for a while, ha ha ha, morbid humour.

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Sequels: None.

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