Thursday, October 22, 2009

#13 - Repulsion

Repulsion (1965)
Directed by: Roman Polanski. Written by: Roman Polanski and Gerard Brach.

Plot: Weird young woman (Catherine Deneuve) gets left alone in the apartment she shares with her sister for a little too long. She goes nuts and, like, kills a guy.

Review: When I decided I was going to do the one hundred, I started writing reviews. I got up to about here and figured, hey, I have lots of time, why not take it easy for a while. Ha. Things happened, I didn't write them. Fuck. So the next couple of reviews I am just pulling out of my ass. And they are going to suck. Hoo lordy.

Anyway, this is one of the creepiest movies I have ever seen. I watched it on TV and it still retained its creepiness. I mean, usually movies become really un-creepy when violated by commercials, but this one wasn't actually too bad. Something about the fact that the commercial they seemed to show more than anything on Scream at the time was one for Oscar Meyer or some shit. So, you know, something really weird and creepy would be happening and then some old broad would come on and talk about meat. Eegh.

Unlike the time I watched Signs, and thy kept showing this ad for some kind of yeast infection medication and Mr. Green kept saying, "You know where they stick that? In your ear! Isn't that weird?" every time it came on. I didn't have the heart to tell him where they really stuck it.

Um. Yeah. This movie is pretty much an exercise in how to build atmosphere right. First off, it's in black and white which really does make everything look better. Way more spooky. Second off, Catherine Deneuve does batshit insane very effectively. She hardly has three lines of dialogue in the whole movie, and that sort of helps. She is quiet and creepy and totally hawt but that's beside the point.

The film is well paced and slowly works its way into the realm of total weirdery., yet managing to be realistic and believable. I would totally not be surprised if that happened to me if I stayed inside my house alone long enough. I mean, hells, I'm halfway there already.

Yup, pretty good flick. Nothing more to say, got to get on to the next thing. Sheeyit.

Favourite Part:
I like that weird dead rabbit thing. That was fucked.

Other versions: None.

Sequels: None.

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