Blog of Horror was started way back in 2006 as something to keep me busy, as well as justification for sitting and watching trashy horror movies all the time. After a few years, it started to feel like work and I abandoned it from about 2011 to 2016. But the idea of it hung in my mind and then one not so very special day I sat down and started frigging around with it again. No promises that I will be as prolific as before though. So there you go.

Feel free to click back and check out some of the older reviews, or recommend a movie for me. I started writing these when I was fifteen so some of the older ones are really not very professional (the newer ones aren't exactly professional either but they're more polished). Some of them were edited slightly for spelling mistakes and clarity but they're still... weird.

About the Author
If you must know... Andrea Gigeroff's the name, I'm a young and useless wannabe writer who likes to watch really really shitty movies and mock them. You can read my "personal" blog here and my webcomic here. Those will probably give you a slightly better impression of who I am and what I'm all about. Enjoy.